Leavers & Class of 2021 Mugs

Leavers & Class of 2021 Mugs

My daughter finished Year 6 last year! Proud Mummy but an emotional day (for me)! Being in the middle of a pandemic it was difficult for them to celebrate their day without restrictions. It got me thinking...I designed these mugs for Year 6 Leavers 2021 so that they could have something a little different on their last day! They are individually boxed, personalised and filled with sweets; ready to present on their special day! All mugs are handmade by us! 

  • Delivery and collection options

    £2 delivery charge within Cardiff.


  • Materials


    Permanent Vinyl 

  • Cleaning Instructions

    These mugs are designed with permanent materials however we would not recommend putting it through the dishwasher. We recommended lightly handwashing and use a light cloth to wipe dry. 

  • Dimensions

    H9cm x W8cm 

  • Sweet mixture

    2 lollipops (flavours may vary) 

    2 mini packets of haribos (flavours may vary)

    1 packets of maoam bloxx (flavours may vary)

    1 packet of popping candy (flavours may vary)

    1 packet of double dip serbet

    2 Fruit-tella duo sticks (flavours may vary) 


    * Please let us know in the notes section if you have any other specific dietry requirments other than the ones listed*