Personalised Easter Mug with Treats

Personalised Easter Mug with Treats

These personalised mugs with treats make wonderful gifts for kids this Easter. Each mug is designed uniquely by us just for you.


Begin by choosing your own name and picture for your mug. You can then choose to between 'Maltesers' or 'Sweet Mixture' to fill your mug!

'Maltesers' includes 1 full size bag of maltesers and a medium size (90g) hollow milk chocolate egg! 


'Sweet Mixture' includes 2 chocolate lollies, 2 mini chocolate eggs, 2 small packets of sweets, 1 sachet of hot chocolate and a packet of mini marshmallows. 


Enter code 2FOR10 at checkout to recieve your first 2 mugs for £10. 

  • Delivery and collection options

    For all our products we offer the following delivery/collection options:

    Delivery anywhere in Cardiff is £2 for your whole order

    Delivery anywhere outside Cardiff but within South Wales is £4 for your whole order.

    You will also have the option to collect your order free of charge.

    For any orders outside of South Wales, please contact us directly to arrange possible delivery options.

  • Materials


    Permanent Vinyl 


  • Dimensions

    H9cm x W8cm 


  • Cleaning Instructions

    These mugs are designed with permanent materials however we would not recommend putting it through the dishwasher. We recommended lightly handwashing and use a light cloth to wipe dry. 

Customisation options

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