Something for every child

We aim to provide something for every child. All our services are lead by experienced teachers, coaches and healthcare professionals. Below you will find our current services on offer. More services will be added as current restrictions are relaxed. Team Active is the place for your children's wellbeing, education and recreation.


The future of after-school provision

By taking a holistic approach we want to revolutionise after-school provision. Our goal is to work with the whole school community to offer a provision that would be unrivalled in terms of depth of opportunity, diversity and quality of delivery. We want to become an integral part of the school and surrounding 
community and set the example of how after- school care should look. We believe we are the future for after-school care at schools.


Handmade, Personalised Seasonal & Occasional Gifts

Team Active proudly presents our range of handmade & personalised gifts for every occasion. We create original products made with a personal touch for all your family and friends. We provide a simple and secure order and shipping process that you can rely on.


Let the fun begin!

Are you looking for a great, affordable way to celebrate your child's birthday? Why not let Team Active take charge with a wide choice of activities that will guarantee to give your child a birthday to remember!

We can tailor the party any way you want - whether your little one likes sports, dance, slime, nerf battles - as long as its active, we've got you covered. The maximum delivery time is 2 hours and we are unique because we don't put a limit on the amount of children.

We supply the equipment and coaches for safe, enjoyable fun indoors or outdoors, not even the weather can dampen the excitement of our Team Active party experience. We can come to a venue and location of your choice or we can provide venues in and around Whitchurch.

We know how much parents love a stress free party, so our fully qualified coaches will literally take over the party so you can chill out and enjoy the celebrations - Just don't forget to cheer the children on!

It goes without saying that the child will be made to feel special at all times. There will be plenty of activity, music, fun and laughter.

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt


The future of after-school provision


To provide an enriched after-school club that focusses on pupil enjoyment and development, peace of mind for parents as well as pride for the school. 

• Sessions focussing on the well-being AoLE from the Curriculum for Wales, digital learning and SEN provisions. 

• Hassle free booking handled by Team Active. 

• Led by a team with specialisms in PE, Computer Science and Occupational Therapy. 


Due to our highly skilled and experienced staff 

your school can also benefit, at no cost, with the following: 

• Staff training on the Well-Being AOLE. 

Digital training for staff, including remote learning, DCF implementation and the use of HWB. 

• PPA cover and SEN assistance. 

• Running of school teams. 

• Exercise & Fitness classes for staff.


There are absolutely no costs to your school just benefits. We simply need an innovative school to work with that will enable us to offer a provision that goes beyond mere after-school childcare. Team Active would love to become an integral part 

of the school community. In return for our unique, unparalleled services all we need is for your school to grant us the use of available school facilities after-school and help us to promote our club through your existing means.


Whether you were excited by what you read or intrigued we would love to hear from you. Let us have a conversation about moving forward. 


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